Manure and slurry equipment


From a single-axle slurry tanker to a four-axle slurry tanker with a volume of 32 cubic metres - Kotte offers the optimum solution for every operation and every application. Here you can choose between vacuum tanker and pump tanker made of steel, stainless steel and GFRP. Moreover, custom solutions are especially important.


The Bomech trailing shoe technology was developed for versatile and powerful use and has been successfully implemented in practice for more than 25 years. A low-wear slurry application with a versatile operational capability in grass, on the field, in the corn stock and on grain followed by low maintenance costs. The Bomech trailing shoe spreader is a universal device.

Upgrade available! We offer uncomplicated retrofitting of Bomech spreader systems to your existing slurry tanker.


With the professional spreading and grassland technology from Bergmann, we offer you a wide range of products and economic solutions that convince in practice – day after day.