Well supplied by Schröder

Take a look around our warehouse: there are well over 100,000 different spare parts in stock and ready to pick. Furthermore, they are always available to you, even after work and on weekends, thanks to our numerous warehouse staff. Speed and diligence are our strength.

The best spare parts for the best machinery

As an entrepreneurial customer, you always have your costs in view. Yet, if you save at the wrong end, the use of replica replacement parts will incur high consequential costs or, in the worst case scenario, even cause motor failure. For instance, field trials have shown that over 50% less filter material is used on third-party air filters than on an AGCO Parts original air filter.

Avoid failures and downtimes due to shorter inspection intervals and use original spare parts when servicing your machinery. Should a problem nonetheless arise, you can always rely on us as your service partner with a dense network of branches.